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YES! Due to our status as a Master Elite Roofer we are able to offer up to a 25 year leaks and labor warranty.

Leaks, missing or torn shingles, loose flashings, excessive shingle granules in gutters, and ceiling spots can signal roof problems. Age is another indicator; if your roof is 20 years old, it could be at the end of its lifespan.

Choosing the right roofing material hinges on factors like budget, climate, aesthetics, and durability needs. Asphalt shingles offer affordability and versatility, while metal roofing boasts durability and energy efficiency. Wood shakes provide a natural look but require high maintenance, whereas clay tiles offer durability and fire resistance but at a higher cost. Slate is exceptionally durable but expensive, while synthetic materials mimic natural options with lower maintenance. We can help you find the right roofing materials for your property.

Identifying hail damage on your roof typically involves a visual inspection for signs like dents or divots on metal surfaces, cracked or missing shingles on asphalt roofs, or fractures and chips on clay or concrete tiles. Look for granule loss on asphalt shingles, which may expose the underlying material. Check for soft spots or areas that feel spongy when walked upon, indicating underlying damage. Additionally, inspect gutters and downspouts for accumulated granules or dents, as these can indicate hail impact. If unsure, consider having a professional roofing inspection to assess any potential damage accurately.

The time it takes to replace a roof depends on several factors, including the size of the roof, the complexity of the project, weather conditions, and the roofing materials being used. In general, a typical residential roof replacement takes one day. We can talk through your project when you give us a call.

Asphalt shingles, the most common type of roofing material, have an average lifespan of 20 to 30 years. However, this number can vary depending on the climate and location of your home, as well as the quality of the materials used.

As anything in a market it is driven based on supply and demand. The material costs have skyrocketed in the past year to make it more expensive than normal. Will the prices go down? They may drop a little but with inflation and more costly material prices it is unlikely to see a dramatic drop.

Typically the fall is the best time. This is due to more consistent weather, less rain. We can install roofs no matter what time of year.

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A Plus Roofing is proud to be GAF MASTER ELITE certified

We ensuring our customers receive the highest quality roofing materials and expert installation services backed by a reputable manufacturer.

GAF certified

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Customer Feedback
Jamey Little

Jason and his team jumped into a touchy situation with a home purchase and quickly and effectively installed a new roof and coordinated insurance correspondence to handle the situation. Top notch service and work!

M. Nunns

Jason and his team did a wonderful job! They were efficient, clean and honest. Jason made suggestions and worked with our insurance team to save us a lot of money. There was plenty of communication leading up to the job which I loved. I would 100% recommend A Plus Roofing!

T. Morris

Excellent! Jason and his team were all very professional. They showed up on time and completed the job well and faster than expected. Everyone was courteous and pleasant to deal with. I also appreciate that Jason and Duke took the time to answer all my questions and explain my options to me quite thoroughly. We were very happy with their work and would recommend A plus roofing to anyone looking for a roofing contractor.

W.T. Casstevens

A + ROOFING came highly recommended by someone I know and trust which made my search for a good roofing company much easier. An excellent price for excellent workmanship and all in a long day’s work was the order and boy did they deliver! My roofing was replaced and the entire clean up job all completed by 6:30 pm. I greatly recommend them for your roofing needs.

J. Hefner

We can not say enough good things about A Plus Roofing. Everything about their service was spot on. Jason walked us thru every aspect of the job and everything was done in a timely matter. They were able to do our job in one day and even the clean up was great. Do not hesitate to give them your business!

B. Higgins

I recently had A Plus Roofing complete a full roof replacement. I could not be happier with the professionalism of Jason Harris and the work of his crew. It was a seamless process, completed on time, and with great results. We were out of town when the roof was completed and we came back and you could not even tell anyone had been there except for our new roof. Highly recommend!

E. Hester

We had a new roof installed several months ago and couldn’t be happier with choosing A Plus Roofing! The owner came to our house to assess the project and then talked with our adjuster throughout the process. Everyone we encountered during this project was friendly and knowledgeable! We now have a beautiful high-quality roof that will last for many years to come, We were so impressed that we referred them to our friends. They just finished their roof and they’re happy as well!

B. Fisher

This place is a well oiled machine! I don’t think I have ever seen a crew work that quickly and efficiently. The roof turned out great, was finished much sooner than I expected, crew was friendly and professional, clean up was complete, price was great. It’s been a long time since a company has exceeded my expectations, but this one did. I would definitely recommend them.